Clockitin is currently a open beta, be sure to report any issues you find to help improve the service.


What is Clockitin?

Clockitin is a simple and easy to use online time tracking site. Our goal is too make it easy to track your time through the day and quickly shift between tasks.

It's a quick and super easy way to track your time, without all the complicated bits; based on the KISS (Keep it simple, Stupid!) principle.

How do I get an invite?

The only way to get an invite is to be invited by an existing member with available invites. The private beta is now over, thanks to everyone who participated and provided feedback.

When will the site release to everyone?

Registration for Clockitin has been opened for the public, register here for an account.

Where can I find the Clockitin toolbar / Firefox addon?

You can find the official Clockitin Firefox tooolbar addon here. It is the first beta release so the functionality is limited, we will expand the developer API and improve this addon soon.