Clockitin is currently a open beta, be sure to report any issues you find to help improve the service.

Developer API

Clockitin loves developers! You can now add our features to your application by using our Web Service API. More functionality is coming soon in our v2 API.

Any API commands must be issued to using the methods below. You must be authenticated via a session before being granted access.

Check Login

Parameters: none
Response: Returns logged_in parameter containing login session value.

Fetch Projects, Tasks & Sessions

Parameters: none
Response: XML returned containing projects, tasks, and sessions.

Start Session

Parameters: project_id variable containing a project's ID, and task_id variable containing a task ID of that project.
Response: If successful, session_id parameter will be returned containing session ID of started session.

Stop Session(s)

Parameters: sessions variable containing single session ID or comma seperated list.
Response: success parameter returned as true if session successfully stopped.


Parameters: n/a
Response: Session is destroyed and returns logged_out parameter containing logged out session value.